Profile - Design


The consultancy’s only commitment is to its clients and the aim is to deliver creative, qualitative,

sustainable & cost-effective lighting schemes which meet the client’s brief and add value to each

project. Dogan believes working closely with the client and the design team is key element to

understand and address successfully the project objectives. Being an inseparable element of

architecture, lighting, should address the client’s needs, the designer’s vision as well as modern

codes, lighting standards and environmental objectives.

Lighting is an essential element for identifying the appearance, function and narrating the story

of buildings at night. From urban to landscape settings, lighting affects greatly its surrounding

environment. It is the responsibility of the lighting designer to identify the environmental impact

each projects bares and offer sustainable and energy saving practices.

Dogan Kozan consultancy combines creative thinking and technical knowledge to provide a total

lighting solution, including daylight, architectural lighting, bespoke product design as well as

assessment of the energy footprint of different scale projects; from small art based installations to

the large architectural projects.


The consultancy’s design work is supported by computer and visually aided graphics, sketches,

image references which help identify the project variables and communicate the design approach at

concept project phases.


During design development a more detailed technical lighting analysis is adopted which includes

British and European standarts, lighting and emergency lighting calculations, cost analysis and

evaluation of the design options. As part of a comprehensive lighting design package, the practice

is able to provide CAD drawings, detailed luminaire specifications and control schedules for

construction purposes. Dogan Kozan consultancy also offers support and supervision during the

installation of lighting systems, as well as commissioning and on-going evaluation of the scheme.