Profile - Design


Dogan Kozan is a lighting designer coming from engineering background. He graduated Electrical

Engineering at Istanbul Technical University, Turkey in 2006. The same year he joined Arup Istanbul

and he has been working in the lighting industry since. While in Turkey, he took part in the lighting

design and supervision of various projects in the region.


In 2009 he joined the Arup Lighting team in London to further his lighting career. Being part of an

internationally acclaimed design team gave him exposure on numerous public and private sector

architectural lighting projects in areas such as retail, museums, exhibition lighting, sports lighting

as well as historical & sacred building lighting. In addition to working on a varied project agenda,

he gained experience on different aspects of lighting design, internal, external, landscape, urban,

TV broadcasting & performance as well as lighting controls for temporary and permanent lighting



In 2012, after 6 years in Arup, Dogan started his own independent lighting consultancy in London.

His practice is based on the Professional Lighting Designers’ Association’s Code of Ethics. Dogan

Kozan Consultancy is an independent lighting design practice with no commitment, alliance or

affiliations to lighting manufacturers and suppliers.